Quality WIFI everywhere

wifi installation

without wires is BETTER ! 

A high quality WIFI network for everyone !

WiFi installation for homes and businesses

Expand your Wifi network

Is your Wi-Fi signal weak or non-existent ? You want to improve your Wi-Fi coverage.
We offer quality WIFI, solutions for all budgets, from a simple additional WIFI access point to boost your signal to more complete solutions on several floors or for exteriors, pool, garden and even remote locations (Tennis, premises..) .
You can enjoy a stable connexion in every room of your home, to watch streaming video, play games online or work remotely.

Provide your customers with internet access stable and secure by creating a HOTSPOT for your company.
Whether you own a café, hotel or other business, it is important to know how to offer a hotspot to your customers. A service for your customers and "Positive Reviews" for your business and also useful marketing returns.

Installation of WIFI bridges for various network accesses & Internet where it is complicated with cabling. WIFI CANNES offers you efficient interconnection solutions (remote building, external camera..).

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WIFI Installation 

Installation of wifi access point
in Cannes & 06

Wireless access anywhere in your place

  • Full coverage
  • Internet everywhere
  • No wires !
  • Same cable speed
  • Freedom of movement
  • reliable connection
  • secure connection
  • Maison/objets connecté
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Hotspot Installation

HOTSPOT manager installation
in Cannes & 06

Internet access for your customers

  • Network security
  • Targeted advertising
  • Customer service
  • compliance with legal obligations
  • customer satisfaction
  • + more positive opinions (Google)
  • separate public & pro access
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WIFI Bridge

Installation of wifi bridge access
in Cannes & 06

Connect 2 locations with WIFI
  • long distance
  • hight speed
  • shared internet connection
  • Affordable rate
  • camera link
  • all Internet boxes