WiFi installations in Cannes and the Côte d’Azur.

WiFi installations for private individuals, companies, syndics & condominiums, rental companies, hotels, etc. Wifi-cannes.fr offers you its professional expertise.

Our Wifi services are diverse and represent the diversity of needs with regard to current wireless connections.

Installation WiFi:

  • WiFi forHôtel, Bar, Restaurant
  • WiFi for Villa
  • WiFi for companies
  • WiFi for events
  • WiFi for boats
  • WiFi for Camping Car

Installation Hotspot:

  • Hotspot forHôtel, Bar, Restaurant
  • Hotspot for companies
  • Hotspot for events

Installation 4G:

  • Connexion Internet 4G for housing
  • Connexion Internet 4G for second property
  • Connexion Internet 4G for Camping Car
  • Connexion Internet 4G for boat